Flashback Cinema

Heaven Can Wait (1978)
July 8 & 11
Heaven Can Wait (1978)(2018)
This hit comedy stars Warren Beatty as a pro quarterback who, through a heavenly mix-up, leaves earth before his time. He returns in a millionaire businessman’s body and resumes his football ambitions. Nominated for 9 Oscars, including Picture. Co-starring Julie Christie, Dyan Cannon (hilarious as the millionaire’s scheming wife) and Jack Warden as the exasperated trainer. (“This isn't going to work. You're playing football with a bunch of butlers!”) Rated PG

Top Gun (1986)
July 15 & 18
Top Gun (1986)(2018)
Tom Cruise stars in this celebration of the heroism of Navy pilots, with some of the best aerial scenes ever filmed. The soundtrack album, with songs by Kenny Loggins and Berlin, including the Academy Award-winning Take My Breath Away, went platinum 9 times. Val Kilmer co-stars as “Iceman” and Kelly McGillis plays a flight instructor romantically drawn to the reckless “Maverick” (Cruise). (“I feel the need…the need for speed!”) Rated PG

July 22 & 25
In Gotham City, Batman helps to defeat evil and keep the city's citizens safe. When Jack Napier is transformed into the evil Joker, he promises to take over Gotham City it is up to Batman to stop him in his tracks before it is too late.

Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan
July 29 & August 1
Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan(2018)
Considered by many to be the best of the original Star Trek movies, presented in a 4K digitally restored director’s cut. William Shatner stars as Captain James T. Kirk and Leonard Nimoy plays Spock. (“I am a Vulcan. I have no ego to bruise.”) Ricardo Montalban gives a memorable performance as the villain Khan, a part he originated in the TV episode “Space Seed.” (“Do you know the Klingon proverb that tells us revenge is a dish that is best served cold?”) Rated PG

Big Trouble in Little China
August 5 & 8
Big Trouble in Little China(2018)
An 80’s cult classic from director John Carpenter. Kurt Russell plays Jack Burton, a trucker who helps his friend (Dennis Dun) rescue his fiancée (Kim Cattrall) from the clutches of an evil sorcerer in San Francisco’s Chinatown. (Yes! It has action, comedy, special effects AND martial arts!) Russell is delightfully inept as an action hero who’s about as far from Indiana Jones as you can get. (“Sooner or later I rub everybody the wrong way.”) Rated PG-13

Karate Kid (1984), The
August 12 & 15
The Karate Kid (1984)(2018)
The ORIGINAL from director John G. Avildsen (Rocky). Audiences and critics alike cheered this classic underdog story about a teenage boy (Ralph Macchio) who takes up karate. To win respect—and the girl (Elizabeth Shue)—he must face the school bully who belongs to the take-no-prisoners dojo “Cobra Kai.” Noriyuki "Pat" Morita earned an Oscar nomination as Macchio’s instructor, who has his own unique teaching methods. (“Wax on, wax off.”) Rated PG

Close Encounters of the Third Kind
August 19 & 22
Close Encounters of the Third Kind(2018)
The sci-fi movie that earned director Steven Spielberg his first Oscar nomination. The title refers to interactions with UFO’S: a sighting, physical evidence, and the third kind is contact. The climactic “mother ship” scene in which the alien creatures reveal themselves looks even more awesome in this 4K digitally restored director’s cut. (“If everything's ready here on the Dark Side of the Moon...play the five tones.”) Rated PG

Sandlot, The
August 26 & 29
The Sandlot(2018)
This coming-of-age baseball comedy was hailed by critic Roger Ebert as a summertime version of A Christmas Story. New kid in town Scotty Smalls wants to fit in, but there’s a problem: he can’t play baseball! Before summer is over, he will make new friends, and together they will confront “the Beast,” a mysterious dog with a scary reputation. The scene where Ham teaches Scotty how to make s’mores is a classic. (“You’re killing me, Smalls!”) Rated PG

American Graffiti
September 2 & 5
American Graffiti(2018)
Where were you in ’62? Writer/director George Lucas was a teenager in Northern California, and his experiences inspired this comedy set at the end of the summer after high school graduation. The stellar cast includes Ron Howard, Cindy Williams, Richard Dreyfuss, Wolfman Jack and newcomer Harrison Ford. A nostalgic look at the era when rock ‘n’ roll was young, filled with hit songs from the period. ("One, two, three o’clock, four o’clock, rock...”) Rated PG